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Signature Member Exhibit at the Maryland House of Delegates

Baltimore County Wing (3rd floor)

January 23 through March 21, 2024

6 Bladen Street
Annapolis, MD 21401

Juror: David Lawton

Slide show of award winners

1st Place Frank Spino “Lemon-Lime”
2nd Place James Drake Iams “Equipment Shed”
3rd Place Karen Schuster “Bromo District”
Honorable Mention Constance Fisher “Golden Echo”
Honorable Mention Ruth Lampi “Locks of Love”
Honorable Mention Linda Luke “Mercury”

Comments From Our Juror David Lawton

When judging an exhibit there are many aspects that I take into account. Initially I walk around and look at all the work being judged in doing so I mentally take note of certain works that sort of jump off the wall. I then proceeded to take a much longer look at each work as some work is more like a whisper rather than a shout. At this point I ask has the artist clearly demonstrated basic technical skill or are there obvious errors that would cause me to eliminate the work from contention. Some of the elements to consider are color, form, line, shape, space and texture.

Technical skill is expected but that is just beginning has the artist engaged me in the process allowed me to be part of the experience. I ask myself, "would I enjoy looking at this work each day hopefully noticing some aspect I may have not noticed before." Could I live with this painting?

The final consideration is presentation as this can enhance or detract from the overall experience. As much attention should be given at this stage as during the making of the work.

1st Place
Frank Spino
Rich color with nice balance of complimentary colors. This work is the total package with hard, soft edges, Lost and found areas. Offering the feeling of near and far in a compressed space. My eye lingers around the shapes enjoying all that it offers.

2nd Place
James Drake Iams
“Equipment Shed”
This is a well thought out design with focus on the tractor. Wide value range with great care in the mark making. Offering a sense of near and far from the white in the foreground to the trees in the background.

3rd Place
Karen Schuster
“Bromo District”
This work keeps my eye moving from shape to shape enjoying each stop along the way. Nice use of complimentary colors. The above eye level view of the street with the people and cars below offers a whimsical quality that enhances the overall effect.

Honorable Mention
Constance Fisher
“Golden Echo”
This painting reminds me of Turner's work. Abstract in nature but far from easy to do. Nice balance between the overall warmth mixed with the subtle cool colors. Every square inch could be a painting by itself.

Honorable Mention
Ruth Lampi
“Locks of Love”
This is a unique subject that is well constructed with all the locks pulling my eye to the center while weaving me around the work. Nice rich darks help enhance the sense of light. Overlapping shapes help to create a feeling of near and far.

Honorable Mention
Linda Luke
This painting captures the feeling of the place (the rotunda of the national gallery of art) the yellow and blue flowers pull me into the picture guiding my eye to the statue that is the star attraction.

Use of full range of values and delicate mark making make this painting a joy to experience.


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Individual images of the award winners

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