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Zoom Instructions

BWS Uses Zoom For Our Virtual Events

You may be very familiar with Zoom but if not, here are some helpful tips.

Zoom is an easy-to-use online meeting platform. With Zoom, you can attend a meeting with one or many people. You can listen to other attendees, and see them too. You can also be seen and heard, Zoom uses the built-in microphone and camera of your computer, phone, or tablet. Although phone would not be recommended for workshops or programs since the screen is so small you won't see demonstrations well.

If you prefer to just watch and listen, you can still attend our events. Its easy to turn off your microphone and camera in the Zoom interface.

Step 1:  To attend our virtual event, you first need to make sure your computer, phone, or tablet is ready. Zoom provides an installable application for most platforms:

Find the app for iPhone and iPad in the Apple app store on your device.

If you have an Android-based device, find the app in the Google Play store.

Macintosh and Windows users can find the Zoom web browser client here.

After you install the app, you can launch it and create a free or paid account if you like. (An account is not required to join a meeting. A Zoom account is only required if you need to create your own meetings and send invitations to participants.)

Zoom provides a test link you can use to try it and get familiar with it before our event. You should try it so you become familiar with where to find various controls you may need during the meeting.

Below are some of the useful controls you will find in the Zoom interface:

Microphone:  to mute and unmute your sound.

Camera:  to turn on and off the video.

Chat:  opens a message pane, type messages or ask for technical support.

Speaker/Gallery:  view everyone in the meeting or just the speaker.

Participants:  to view the list of Participants.

If a new user of Zoom and still uncomfortable watch videos about using Zoom.  Here's a good one with the basics. Watch at least a week before joining a Zoom meeting so you are at ease the first time you join.

Step 2:  When it is time for the virtual event, look for the email with the Zoom invitation. There will be a link in the message. Clicking the link should automatically launch Zoom on your device.

Step 3:  If required, enter the meeting ID and password that is included with your meeting invitation.

Step 4:  Enjoy the event!

If you need help...

If you are having trouble getting started with Zoom, or connecting to an event, send an email describing your troubles and we will try to help.

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